Myke Amend (mykeamend) wrote,
Myke Amend

Grand Rapids, MI

Finalized: Mostly. We may add some events to what we already have, but the events as you see here are all set and good to go, with a *lot* to come out and see and do in Grand Rapids - and this list is not even a fraction of all the things Artprize has to offer these weeks - not even by a long-shot.

Our Artprize entry will be in the Grand Rapids Press lot, as soon as we are permitted to get in there and start painting... Thankfully, these events do not rely upon our lot painting.

... 4 days to go before ArtPrize begins, I know - but we'll pull it off somehow - It will definitely be an all-nighter, or hopefully a couple. If you want to see our progress there, we'll be painting in the Grand Rapids Press Lot (155 Michigan Street NW - Grand Rapids, MI 49503). We may even be still painting on Opening day.

Many of these events and art are things we wanted to have in our Artprize entry, but are unable to... Through an insane amount of work, we have managed to give these experiences to Grand Rapids, and to you, all the same. So, please come out and support all the wonderful entertainers, artprize entries, supporter, sponsors, and others who have been with us through all of this. These events are spread throughout the Grand Rapids Downtown area during artprize.

We can still use some volunteers as well, and you can contact us through

A text/html version of this schedule is available on out events page:

please redistribute

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