Myke Amend (mykeamend) wrote,
Myke Amend

A call for help...

I don't know how many people following me read this journal, but right now I am hoping a lot of you at least skim it.

My friends and I want to build a 20 foot tall kinetic sculpture, with a 25 foot long, 8 foot tall spinning painting in the middle, which will also feature a zoetropic animation (like the old victorian style animation you may have seen on "The House on Haunted Hill".

It will have animated sculptures around it too - all powered by wind - and all electricity powered by wind.

We will also have a display of steam engines and generators as art, and will be showing people how to build these things from things around the home.

To make this even more ambitious, we would like to take this huge sculpture to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, and to Maker Faires all over the country (hopefully one in your back yard).

We are offering things at INSANELY low prices as rewards for pledges - you can get original works of art for half of the selling price, downloadable prints for $1, and all sorts of awesome things in between.

But, if you want to help - but cannot afford $1, or don't have a bank account or amazon account, you can still help us GREATLY just by spreading the word: Twitter, facebook, myspace, DeviantArt, Livejournal, or whatever places you might haunt.

We have 5 days left on [Our KickStarter], and this is very urgent. I've been working 16 hours a day at its promotion for 40 days now - and even still, I cannot do enough on my own. We need you, and we need you badly, to just take a few seconds out and spread the word.

Visit our page, see how awesome this project could be, and consider how much you would like to be a part of this and make it happen.

I hope you will.

Thank you,

Myke Amend
Tags: alternative energy, artprize, artprize 2011, clockpunk, grand rapids, kinetic sculpture, maker faire, sculpture, solar power, steampunk, steampunk art, wind power, windpower

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