Myke Amend (mykeamend) wrote,
Myke Amend

That big mechanical sculpture we are working to build, which you my have heard of

New offers (added to the 30-some pre-existing):

W'ere officially over 50% with our kickstarter, with two and a half days to go.

That sounds bad - but we've seriously made most of our progress over the last 4 days... as kickstarters should go. Still, we'd feel much better if we were a bit closer to that mark by the end of the day, so, we've extended more offers and rewards.

I've also lowered the prices some existing ones - and made it more clear that the Steampunk/Steampulp coloring book for grown up kids, the Airships and Tentacles Scrap Book, and the $1 downloadable art, come with most every higher reward...

Also the commemorative tee shirts, your name engraved in the piece of art, and other such things come with most of the mid to higher level awards.

~ The ChaiThulhu Original Painting (bottom of this post) reduced to $999, with tee shirts, coloring books, downloads, and a lot more extras.

~ A new offer from Bethalynne Bajema, wherein she will do your portrait in the style of her Black Ibis cards, make a card of it, and slip it into the actual deck (which you will receive by mail) - also includes tee shirts, downloads, coloring book, etc...

~For Bands - I have a pretty sweet album cover deal, including prepress/layout/typesetting... tray cards, Cd booklets, CD imprints, and even custom art! (plus the tee shirt, web banners from our site, etc..)

~ For Business owners or other people who would like a newly designed website - I've got a deal where I design yours, populate it with a nice amount of content, throw in a free domain name, host it for a year, and even throw in the tee shirt, a banner ad from our site to yours, and a tour of our lab for you and your friends/companions. Logo refreshes/reworks are included, and you get a lot of big files you can use for collateral materials and other advertising needs.

Below: ChaiThulhu painting (12x24 on wood panel in acrylic paint)


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