From the storybook I am illustrating, being offered as a high resolution PDF download for $1 on our Kickstarter

Get a $2 sheet of fine art paper from your local craft store, and this print will look its very best - a mere $3 in total investment.

Watermark does not appear on print

About the Device

Artist/Illustrator/Sculptor/Tinkerer Myke Amend talks about the infernal device project, and gives a somewhat-clunky preview of "The Device" ( ) and their kickstarter:

Infernal Device: Looking for parts-spottersand other participation.

Todd Cahill (Steam Machine Sculptor), Steve Brook (maker of steampunk guitars, amps, and other steam mods, and I are working on building a humongous, tremendous machine for an art competition this coming September.

It will be a large mechanical contraption with many, many articulating and moving parts, combined with a huge painting - a large work of engineering and art working together as one.

It will be powered completely by alternative energy (wind, steam from clean-burning sources, solar, and the like), and will be the biggest work of steampunk art any of us have made.

Our design will be improvised according to what parts we are able to spot and buy. We are making this out of 90% re-purposed material (light posts, old industrial lamps, tornado sirens), and looking mainly for things that have the strength and elegance of the 1800's.... back when engineering and art were one in the same.

We're trying mainly to find things that are antique/vintage, but for some reason or another un-restorable (we'd rather not destroy history if we can help it).

Some of the donations we've gotten so far are things like connecting rods off of old Model A Fords (given by my friends at Model A Restorers), and some of the things we've found that we can use, are waiting... but rather expensive.

These are absolutely beautiful for everything they can be. Though they are just sitting, they'll cost us $3000 for the lot of them.

So, we're asking that you keep an eye out for things - in garages, rusting hulks in farm fields, in barns- things being pitched that you'd like to see used, but don't have a use for yourself.

More than anything, we are asking people to spread the word about our Kickstarter page (or any page you choose). We'd love to see the bulk of the kickstarter covered by tiny (but tremendously important) $1 donations - because this is a community project - and awareness will serve us better than anything as far as getting community to chime in on parts they have or can get.

As rewards we have custom guitars by Steve Brook, a Painting by me, limited edition brass etchings and screen prints pulled by us... and many other interesting things - most of which available for donations less than our selling prices.

If you are interested in keeping up to date through facebook, you can post pictures of parts and details about them on our facebook page: - you can also find many more details, images, and video at InfernalDevice.Net

We really hope we can get the community talking about this event, encourage participation, and hope to see as many of you can come at its September unveiling in Grand Rapids Michigan.

You can also meet with all of us at the Steam City event. We'll be picking up artworks from the Museum of Industry and Innovation, for the extension of the exhibit at the World Steam Expo on Memorial Day Weekend).

Below: One of Todd Cahill's artful steam engines

Below: One of Myke Amend's luminist and surreal landscape paintings, done for Steampunk band Abney Park

Below: "One of Steve Brook's many finely crafted and custom-rebuilt musical artworks on display at the Museum of Industry and Innovation


Reign in Purple

There was no real reason behind this piece other than that I had an unpainted piece of wood and needed a three-day break from the commissioned stuff (I used 60 hours of which for this one).

Dropping my standard luminist style for this one, and though it is cartoony and simple, I still went pretty deep into the detail, painting many scales, variegated petals, and whatnot. Oddly enough, I found that it was the large areas of solid colors, and keeping the piece smooth and free of brushstrokes which sapped the most time.

Zooms and details available here:

Steampulp Baba Yaga

"The Magic Hut"

I've been dying to do a Baba-Yaga themed piece for some time now. I could probably do ten more and still not cover all of her faces or personalities.

This one I took a heavy-mechanical and clunky tentacle whipping approach - with the hut trampling trees and tearing the earth and road below on its rampage into a sleepy town

20 limited edition giclee prints are available Here


Two more

Both of these are acrylic paint on 11x14 inch bristol board.

In my "down time", I'm trying to create as many new images for this series as I can, until I finish up the last commissions for this set.

I already have more than enough, so, there will be two more big paintings made for the book, and whatever engravings, smaller paintings and other portable works I can manage before then - working at these whenever away from the easel.

Full views and details can be seen here

Full views and details can be seen here

Full Steam Ahead

This piece was done earlier this year in pencil on bristol board; It was my intention to color all of these after the World Steam Expo, but one thing led to another and - well, I finally have this once all colored up.

The 11x14 black and white giclees of the original pencil drawing are still available (here), and there are only a handful of those left, but now available are 30 of these colored ones (here) - same size, printed in pigment inks on same high quality fine art rag paper. An open edition 8x10 metallic is also available (here)

MACH Turtle steampunk Alice in wonderland Alice through the looking glass panting by Myke Amend

MACH Turtle Detail - steampunk alice in wonderland painting by Myke Amend

MACH Turtle Detail - Steampunk Alice through the looking glass painting by Myke Amend

Grand Rapids, MI

Finalized: Mostly. We may add some events to what we already have, but the events as you see here are all set and good to go, with a *lot* to come out and see and do in Grand Rapids - and this list is not even a fraction of all the things Artprize has to offer these weeks - not even by a long-shot.

Our Artprize entry will be in the Grand Rapids Press lot, as soon as we are permitted to get in there and start painting... Thankfully, these events do not rely upon our lot painting.

... 4 days to go before ArtPrize begins, I know - but we'll pull it off somehow - It will definitely be an all-nighter, or hopefully a couple. If you want to see our progress there, we'll be painting in the Grand Rapids Press Lot (155 Michigan Street NW - Grand Rapids, MI 49503). We may even be still painting on Opening day.

Many of these events and art are things we wanted to have in our Artprize entry, but are unable to... Through an insane amount of work, we have managed to give these experiences to Grand Rapids, and to you, all the same. So, please come out and support all the wonderful entertainers, artprize entries, supporter, sponsors, and others who have been with us through all of this. These events are spread throughout the Grand Rapids Downtown area during artprize.

We can still use some volunteers as well, and you can contact us through

A text/html version of this schedule is available on out events page:

please redistribute

Indonesian Rijstaafel (Feast!) - Grand Rapids MI

Our last gathering was a great time for all, and we are doing it again. Come out and meet the crew, have some great curry and a spot of tea, and meet and mix with many other artists and arts supporters.

Vegetarian options are available.


1537 Fulton St. E. Grand Rapids
Saturday, September 11th, 2010
7PM to 11PM

*Indonesian RijsTaffel (Rice Table)
*Meet the Crewe (Strong & Able)
*Post Fashion Night Out! (Stytche And Bytche!)
*See the Model (Hear our Pitch)
*Steampunk Chocolate Fountain (you'll never leave)
*Get a "Love" Tattoo (Roll up you sleeve)
*Join the Circus (Sign the list)
*Buy the T-Shirt (Don't be missed...)

12noon - Make a SteamPunk Dress at our Stytche & Bytche

See the Event Page at

(R.S.V.P. if you can, but you don't have to)

6pm - Volunteer meeting and sign up
7pm - Rijstaffel feast

$5 suggested donation (don't let that stop you from coming though - )