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on 2 May 2002 (#547329)
On 8 May 2014
Myke Amend

I'm an artist, designer, comic author/illustrator, animator, and a semi-retired DJ and promoter (deathrock, steampunk, horror punk, gothic, etherial, psychobilly, and experimental).

I've assembled shows and events featuring Voltaire, Bella Morte, 45 Grave, the Brides, Black Cat Revival, and many others, and events such as the 2006 Gothic Prom at the Madison, as well as several occurrences of the Cincy Dark Arts Festival, and have been silently on board for countless other events - lending input and my graphic design and marketing skills toward bringing good bands to wherever I am living.

My paintings are owned by people such as Captain Robert from Abney Park, Voltaire, and many equally wonderful and fantastic, though not quite as famous people.

My days are spent working, or with my wonderfully talented girlfriend Beth, usually both. Our works are often recorded here at Etta Diem's LJ: Etta Diem, or at the Miskatonic Archive - and sold here on Etsy, here at the Miskatonic Archive, or here on my site.

abney park, absinthe, anachrofetishism, art, autumn, bajema, baroque, bats, bauhaus, bella morte, beth bajema, bethalynne bajema, big electric cat, camping, candles, cemeteries, cephalopod, children on stun, christian death, claire voyant, clubs, cocteau twins, collide, corpus delicti, cranes, creepy things, crispin hellion glover, current 93, dancing, darkness, darkwave, dead can dance, death cult, death rock, deathrock, delerium, die laughing, diva destruction, drawing, drowning season, edward gorey, ethereal, executive slacks, faith and the muse, fields of the nephilim, fishnets, gary numan, ghosts, ghouls, girls under glass, goth, gothic, gothic literature, graphic design, grinderman, gustave dore, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hearses, hiking, history, hocico, horror punk, hungry lucy, illustration, iron maiden, jack off jill, jack-o-lanterns, joy division, killing joke, legendary pink dots, leonard cohen, london after midnight, love spirals downwards, lovecraft, lovecraftian, lycia, marionettes, mephisto walz, merry thoughts, mesh, miranda sex garden, mors syphilitica, myke amend, naked and the dead, nature, neo victorianism, neovictorianism, new romantic, nick cave, niel gaiman, nightmare before christmas, nosferatu, ophelia's dream, painting, parks, peter murphy, photography, pirates, project pitchfork, pumpkins, radiohead, ramones, rasputina, rhea's obsession, rock climbing, romantic, sanctuary, sandman, scarecrow ny, seraphim shock, sex gang children, sgwbm, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny puppy, southern death cult, specimen, spelunking, spf 1000, squee, steampunk, strange boutique, sunshine blind, surrealism, suspiria, the azoic, the birthday party, the chameleons, the changelings, the cramps, the creatures, the cruxshadows, the cult, the cure, the damned, the legendary pink dots, the shroud, the tea party, theater, this ascension, this mortal coil, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom waits, unto ashes, victoriana, vincent price, voltaire, warren ellis, zombina and the skeletones

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